The Journey and the Destination: Improving Your Candidate Experience

The Journey and the Destination Improving Your Candidate Experience

Things have never been busier than they are now for Human Resources professionals – or, for that matter, anyone involved in recruitment and hiring. If you’re reading this, we don’t need to tell you how much you have on your plate. When recruiting gets busy, our work can easily become a series of disconnected steps […]

How to secure your top-choice candidate

Offer Accepted! How to secure your top-choice candidate

Securing your top-choice candidate as your next executive means pitching the offer strategically. Here’s how. The moment a job offer is presented to the chosen candidate is a critical one, but the importance of this moment is often overlooked. It’s strange that it should be; after all, this is the moment to which the entire […]

The 12 best questions to ask during an interview


The job interview is one of the best tools we’ve got to figure out whether a candidate is a good fit for a job or not, but let’s face it: it’s imperfect. Interviews are inherently inauthentic. Everyone in the room – on both sides of the table – is putting their best foot forward. The […]

How to Hire a Chief Technology Officer

How to Hire a Chief Technology Officer

Building a successful in-house technical team is an amazing experience. Under the right leadership, technical teams have a greater chance of success at harnessing the benefits that come with the market’s latest technical innovations.  That kind of success also means enhancing the competitive positioning of your company. Appointing a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to guide […]

How to Interview a CEO in 100 Questions

How to Interview a CEO: Top 100 Questions

The selection process is highly stressful for companies and recruiters. However, the challenge raises to a whole different level when interviewing CEO job applicants. The Chief Executive Officer is the highest-ranking individual in an organization. They make the principal and most impactful decisions in a company, driving its profitability, expansion, and market share. CEOs typically […]