About Us

Who We Are

JB Hired was founded in 2015 by former senior executives in the technology industry to close the digital talent gap.

Now the company is leading the technology headhunting space in APAC and Middle East. The company is headquartered in Singapore and operates in 18 countries serving over a thousand of clients.

JB Hired core positioning is to source senior digital and technology talents for high growth companies, consulting firms, multinational companies and blockchain businesses. The company is leveraging on a consulting approach to support clients in a digital world.

A Solid positioning

JB Hired is recognised as one of the best recruitment agency in its space. Throughout the year, the company saw very solid organic growth driven by clients trust and recommendations.

A Unique Approach

JB Hired is totally devoted to the success of its clients. The company is using consulting approach mixed with high technology system developed in-house to provide the best talents for its clients at lightening speed.